Watch: PM appreciates Islamabad traffic cop for performing duty despite being injured


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Prime Minister Imran Khan speaks to Islamabad traffic police officer, Qaiser Shakeel, at the PM’s Office in Islamabad,on June 14, 2021. — Twitter/PakPMO 

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday lauded an Islamabad traffic police officer, Qaiser Shakeel, for performing his duties despite sustaining injuries, a statement from the PM’s Office said.

The police officer, according to the PMO, had sustained injuries on June 9 but he reported to work on June 11, after taking only two days off.  

“Such actions uplift the image of the police when one man decides to serve the people with dedication, and that is why I especially called you to the PM Office,” the premier said as he spoke to Shakeel.

Later, explaining how he was injured, Shakeel said as he was doing his routine job — controlling the flow of traffic — he stopped a Suzuki van traveling on the wrong side of the road. 

However, as he was doing so, a motorcycle hit the traffic constable frmo behind. 

Shakeel said he performs his duty with dedication and vowed that to continue performing his duties for the masses. 

“If my prime minister can work for the people 24/7, then why can’t I,” he said. 

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