WATCH: Authorities pull car out of Mumbai sinkhole a day after video goes viral

Indian authorities on Monday successfully pulled a car out of a sinkhole after it drowned a day ago, Indian media outlets reported.

A day ago, a video went viral on social media in which a car could be seen disappearing into a sinkhole within a few minutes. The incident took place in Mumbai’s Ghatkopar suburb. 

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The incident occurred due to the negligence of the area residents who had covered the sinkhole by placing a concrete slab over it, making it invisible for people parking their cars there. 

The car was pulled out with the help of cranes hours after it disappeared and the video went viral. 

It may be recalled that the monsoon rains in Mumbai over the past few days have disrupted the city’s drainage system, while according to the Indian Meteorological Department, the rains will continue in the city this week as well.

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