WATCH: Angry elephant destroys wedding party, forces groom to flee venue

While it’s a common practice in India for grooms to ride an elephant while taking the barat to the bride’s house, there is always a risk involved when dealing with wild animals.

This is exactly what happened at a wedding ceremony in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. According to Indian media reports, a video from the wedding recently went viral on social media in which the groom, identified as Anand Tripathi, could be seen arriving at his wedding venue, sitting in a carriage decorated with neon lights. The barat procession also included an elephant and some horses. 

Things, however, took an unpleasant turn when the loud sound of firecrackers at the arrival of the barat infuriated the elephant, who got out of control and started destroying everything that came in its way, including a tent. It also overturned four vehicles parked at the venue.

Panicked by the dramatic turn of events and to save himself, the groom jumped off the carriage and ran away along with other guests, Indian media reports said.

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