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TVXQ’s Yunho barred from hosting Mnet’s Kingdom amid police investigation

Mnet decided to disqualify TVXQ’s Yunho from the Kingdom takeover, following a recent police investigation.

In response to this change, singer and songwriter Changmin will host an event for fourth-generation superstars Stray Kids, Ateez, and The Boyz.

The reason for this change is the result of Yunho’s management company, SM Entertainment. The company said in a statement to the channel that it had received a statement from Mnet SM Entertainment that Yunho would not participate in “ Kingdom: Legendary War ” until a police investigation was completed. He said.

“As a result, we have decided to do the Mnet program only with Changmin. For the pre-marked part from Yunho, the repair will be done accordingly.”

For those who did not know, Yongho’s use of an illegal nightclub in Chongdam-dong, Seoul was found to violate the Infectious Disease Prevention Act, a police investigation has started.

However, fans began to make fuss about the issue, saying through their respective media, “This is unfair. When the news has already turned out to be false. It wouldn’t be so much fun if you only had one host, and even Road to Kingdom had two hosts! “

Others hoped for a change in the makeup of the host organization, saying, “I hope the police will release the details to the public because I really want Yunho to be the head of the kingdom with Changmin.”

TVXQ’s Yunho cut off as host from Mnet’s Kingdom over police case

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