This Baby Houseplant Would Be A Darn Cute Addition To Any Collection

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The Peperomia Obtusifolia needs bright, indirect light. The indirect piece is important! If this plant is exposed to too much direct light, its leaves can start to develop a sunburn or “cook,” meaning the water in them overheats and causes the plant to get mushy.

To avoid giving your plant too much light, Horst says to imagine that it has eyes: It shouldn’t be able to see the sun.

If your Peperomia Obtusifolia is getting too little light, on the other hand, you’ll likely notice that its new growth produces very small leaves. It also might start to get “leggy,” meaning its leaves don’t fill out its stem.

“Not enough light can cause root problems,” Horst says. “The amount of light and amount of water are linked so if you are watering the way you should be but your plant is in low light, the soil is staying wet too long. It’s all about the balance.”

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