The Sneaker Expert Has Spoken—These Are the 10 Styles to Be Seen In Right Now

Not that fashion girls didn’t care about sneakers before, but there’s something about the past year that has really brought the novelty to life among the sartorially obsessed crowd. What was once an oversaturation of gray New Balance sneakers has turned into fashion girls carefully curating and investing in their sneaker collections. Where do they find the coveted pairs that are sold out everywhere? GOAT, of course. In case you aren’t familiar with GOAT, it’s basically your one-stop shop for sneakers, period. From new releases to vintage pairs you can’t find anywhere else, GOAT’s got ’em—probably in your size, too.

Since I am no sneakerhead myself (although I wish I was), I reached out to an expert to tell me all the current sneaker styles fashion girls are dying to be seen in right now. Ahead, listen to Annie Burton, product manager of merchandising at GOAT, spill the tea on the top 10 sneakers to buy right now. Featuring Air Jordans, Yeezys, and more, the selection ahead is sure to impress from start to finish. 

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