The culprits in the motorway case have been identified: Government of Punjab

The culprits in the motorway case have been identified: Government of Punjab - Daily updates

Prime Minister’s special assistant Shahbaz Gul has said that the DNA of the accused who raped women on the motorway has been matched. In his message on social networking website Twitter, Special Assistant Shahbaz Gul said that Chief Minister Usman Bazdar, I.P. Congratulations to the entire team including G Punjab and CCPO Lahore. Chief Minister Usman Bazdar was in the meeting till 4 pm. The accused will be arrested soon, God willing. Punjab Chief Minister Usman Bazdar oversaw the entire case. Work speaks words, not words, Weldon Punjab Chief Minister Usman Bazdar. On the other hand, sources told Hum News that the accused profile matched DNA.

The accused is a resident of Fort Abbas. The accused has been in the criminal database since 2013. Raids are being carried out to nab the accused. Earlier, Inspector General (IG) Punjab Inam Ghani had said that no accused has been arrested so far, however, police are busy searching for the accused day and night. Two suspects were arrested for using the ATM card of a gang-raped woman.

According to police sources, the suspects tried to transfer money from the victim’s account. Samples were taken for a DNA test of both the persons. On the other hand, the initial medical report of the abused woman on the motorway came to light. According to the sources, the woman was taken to Khawaja Saeed Hospital for medical treatment. DNA matching of 7 suspects was done. Police also took DNA samples from 47 men in Karol village. On the other hand, the police have also shortlisted more than 70 criminals, including residents, around the scene. Earlier, police said that the victim’s watch and ring were found and 15 suspects were arrested.

According to police sources, the investigation into the incident of rape of a woman on the motorway is being carried out in both traditional and modern ways. Is being done. In the case of IG Punjab on the instructions of the Prime Minister of Pakistan and the Chief Minister of Punjab

Self-monitoring of progress. With the help of detectives, 5 km area around the site was checked and suspicious points were marked and 15 suspects were arrested on various evidences including identification of detectives and DNA test. Awaiting reports. The FIR has profiled 15 suspects with similar costumes. Data obtained from mobile companies for geo-fencing from three different locations is being analyzed. The suspects are being identified by obtaining video recordings from local cameras.

The Punjab Chief Minister has also constituted a five-member inquiry committee to investigate. Law Minister Raja Basharat has been appointed as the convener of the committee while Additional Chief Secretary Home, Additional IG Special Branch Committee, DIG Investigation Punjab Dr. Masood Saleem and DG Forensic Agency are members of the committee.

The committee will also make recommendations to prevent such incidents in the future. 20 police teams are investigating while samples of the victim and detainees have been sent to the forensic lab. According to police sources, on the Lahore-Sialkot motorway. The incident of the gang rape of a woman is under investigation. The Geo-fencing of the place has been done. CCTV footage is also being used to search for the accused. Police have also sketched the accused on the victim’s statement.

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