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33 of the Best (and Easiest) Wedding-Guest Hairstyles

With wedding season hopefully back on track for the latter half of 2021 and more intimate ceremonies underway right now, we’ve been busy cherry-picking the best wedding-guest dresses and deciphering the biggest bridal trends for the rest of the year. What can I say? We’re in the mood for love. But what about those finishing touches? More specifically: […]

Is the Black-Tie Dress Code Dead? 3 Wedding Planners Weigh In

In case no one remembers, I used to go to a lot of weddings—and I mean a lot. The circuit was such a big part of my social life that I would write about my experiences and findings as well as share my outfit research pretty regularly here on Who What Wear. Not surprisingly, however, […]

I Just Got My First Wedding Invite in One Year—Here Are the Dresses I’m Eyeing

Aside from one lovely micro-wedding last summer, it’s pretty surreal to think that I—who was basically a professional wedding guest from 2015 to 2019—have neither attended nor been invited to one in over a year. I’ll admit it was nice at times to not have to worry about finding dresses, booking flights, or nursing (as many) hangovers, but I really have […]

This Controversial Wedding Trend Is Becoming a Thing

Our EIC Kat Collings even chimed in,“When Michelle told me about the new trend of giving bridesmaids the option to wear a second look, I was low-key alarmed. In my mind, being a bridesmaid is a bit demanding already, and having to think about another dress (even if I already own it) and pack it seems like […]