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33 of the Best (and Easiest) Wedding-Guest Hairstyles

With wedding season hopefully back on track for the latter half of 2021 and more intimate ceremonies underway right now, we’ve been busy cherry-picking the best wedding-guest dresses and deciphering the biggest bridal trends for the rest of the year. What can I say? We’re in the mood for love. But what about those finishing touches? More specifically: […]

This Classic Eye Shadow Hue Suits Every Eye Color—Here’s Proof

For the coming months (and years, even), trend forecasters are buzzing about one major, unexpected color trend: lavender. In case you hadn’t heard, the hue totally dominated fall/winter 2021 runways, which was enough to send beauty obsessives right to the nearest Sephora to snag a few new plummy palettes for their rotation. After studying the tidal wave of purple makeup moments on IG, we’ve had something of […]

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s Hairstylist Told Us 9 Ways to Fake Thicker Hair

According to Townsend, regular cuts—even if it’s just a dusting—are essential for helping your hair to look and feel as thick as possible. “There’s no saving a truly split end,” he says point-blank. “Yes, there are products that can mask runs and fish hooks, but you really have to snip them off to get rid of […]

Jasmine Cephas Jones on Hamilton, Winning an Emmy, and Her New Show

In the entertainment industry, it’s not unusual for the children of beloved artists to be compared to their predecessors. For the actress and singer Jasmine Cephas Jones, there’s no denying that she has stepped into her own light. Since bursting into the spotlight in 2015 for her debut theater performance in Hamilton as Peggy Schuyler […]

Selena Gomez says ‘impossible beauty standards’ inspired her to launch Rare Beauty

[ad_1] Pop icon Selena Gomez is discussing how “impossible beauty standards” negatively impacted her mental health. While in conversation with Stellar magazine, the Wizards of Waverly Place star revealed that societal expectations inspired her to launch her Rare Beauty brand. The singer shared that she felt there was a “strong connection” between the conversations of […]

So You Got a Sunburn: Well, These Products Are Going to Help

Next, there are a few other things you can do to relieve any pain, discomfort, and redness. Here are some tips to keep in mind, from the American Academy of Dermatology. 1. Take frequent cool baths or showers. This will feel so soothing. Don’t forget to moisturize afterward! 2. Drink a lot of water. Staying […]

And Now, the Most Popular Nail Colors of Summer 2021

With the world slowly starting to reopen again, and more events, get-togethers, and vacations starting to pile up on my calendar, it’s safe to say that I’ve been focusing my attention on my appearance a little more than seasons past. Most notably, the one thing I’ve been having fun with again is my nails (a beauty habit […]

“I Don’t Know How I Lived so Far Without It:” 10 Exfoliating Tools That Work

And some parts of the body need more exfoliation than others. Your legs, in particular, are more prone to dryness and flakiness, so you might need to exfoliate them more often. Ultimately, it all depends on your skin type and what its needs are—just assess and adjust accordingly. There are a lot of great scrubs […]

Everything We’re Buying During the Epic Friends of Glossier Sale

According to Glossier founder and CEO, Emily Weiss, a few months ago, a “FRIENDSOFGLOSSIER” promo code accidentally leaked, and the internet went completely wild. Today, it’s no accident: The Friends of Glossier Sale is offering 20% off everything (yes, everything) on the website between 6/10–6/14. As huge fans of the beauty brand, Who What Wear […]

These Concealers Get the Job Done (But Feel Like You’re Wearing Nothing)

When you find the right concealer for you, it’s everything. You know it’s the right one when you find it because it manages to work with your specific skin type and address your specific needs. It also seems to blend in seamlessly so it looks ultra-natural, and not like you’re trying to cover up an […]

Everything to Know Before Getting Your First Brazilian Wax

As expected, a Brazilian wax can be uncomfortable for first-timers, however, it only gets better from there. Petak says that since the hair gets removed from the root, it ends up growing out softer and finer, so it ultimately becomes less painful as you begin to get waxed regularly. You can also minimize the pain […]

These 33 Affordable Beauty Products Are Going Absolutely Viral on Amazon

The vast world of beauty products can be overwhelming Whether you seek advice from experts on Instagram, influencers on TikTok, or even our own expert editors, determining what products are actually worth your time—and investment—can be daunting.  Fortunately, instead of cobbling together a spreadsheet with finds from the For You page on TikTok or filling up your cart […]

Here’s a BTS Glimpse at the Punk-Rock Beauty Looks From Willow Smith’s May Cover

It can’t be overstated that on a day-to-day basis, Smith is super casual about her hair and makeup. When she’s working, though, there’s pretty much nothing that’s off-limits. “We’ve been working together for some time now, and it’s always exciting because Willow is such a creative tour de force,” François says. Where her hair is […]

38 of the Best Bob Hairstyles For Your Post-Lockdown Haircut

My hair has recently reached that awkward in-between length: it’s no longer the mid-length lob that I visited the hairdressers for last year but it can’t quite be considered a long hairstyle yet. Instead, it’s sitting rather uninspiringly on my shoulders causing me to seriously consider going for the chop. I’ve experimented with shorter hairstyles over the years but have never taken the plunge […]

If I Could Only Use 30 Beauty Products for the Rest of My Life, I’d Pick These

Most Wanted is a weekly series in which one Who What Wear team member or friend of the brand will share the top 30 finds on their current wish list. I’ll warn you right now, there are quite a few expensive, investment-worthy items on this list. That said, I’ve always been a quality over quantity type of […]