Sindh Government had 800 billion, so why wait for the arrival of the Prime Minister -Saad Rasool.

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Sindh government had 800 billion, then why wait for the arrival of the Prime Minister – if Sindh Sindh government really has to spend 800 billion on Karachi, then the arrival of the Prime Minister Why already? The minister did not announce.

Speaking on a private TV program, renowned analyst Saad Rasool mocked the Sindh government, saying that if the Sindh government had set aside Rs 800 billion for investment in Karachi, why would they announce the arrival of Prime Minister Imran Khan and Why announce it?

In response to a question from female anchorperson Umm Rabab Zain, she said that we can always answer the question of who is investing how much money in Pakistan, but the answer is one thing all over Pakistan and especially Karachi Karachi. ۔ To date, we do not know who is spending how much.

He further revealed that there is a very big minister of Karachi who has been shortlisted for the post of Chief Minister of Sindh who did not allow 500 buses gifted by China to leave the port as the transportation to Karachi was disrupted. The mafia benefited, and if new buses arrived, their interests would be harmed.

About 500 to 600 free buses from China broke down at the port. It should be noted that Sindh government spokesman Murtaza Wahab has said that out of the 1100 billion Karachi package announced by Prime Minister Imran Khan, Rs 750 billion belongs to Sindh while Rs 362 billion is the responsibility of the federal government. Asad Omar has spoken against the facts.

Murtaza Wahab said that it is welcome for all stakeholders to come together for the development of Karachi. Rs 750 billion in the package is the responsibility of the Sindh government while Rs 362 billion is the responsibility of the federal government. The federal government spends only five thousand rupees. It will cost Rs 35 billion. The Sindh government will repay the loan taken from the Chinese government for the Karachi Circular Railway. He was talking on the private TV program “Shehzad Iqbal”.

Murtaza Wahab said that it is the responsibility of all of us to present the facts in the right perspective. Asad Omar spoke against the facts. I have to answer that. If we talk about anything, these people blame it. Yes, whenever a distorted statement is made, the other party will respond. Even in the time of Karuna, the position of the Sindh government was based on facts.

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