Queen to step down from royal duty after Prince Philip’s death?


Prince Philip’s passing may have left the Queen may be considering stepping down as monarch.

A source told Express.co.uk that it would be best if the Queen remained on the throne till the duration of her life.

Her comments come after rumours began circulating that the Queen may give up her role following her husband’s death.

“I am a monarchist in so far as I think monarchy is for life,” the source said.

Considering that she does not go on foreign tours and with the passing of her husband, she may find difficulty in moving on.

“I think she should (keep going) although I think clearly Charles is taking some duty for her – she doesn’t do the foreign tours now.

“I don’t see why she should not. That is the nature of monarchy.

“You are invested at your coronation and sanctified to reign for your natural life.”

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