Queen kept memorable items of Prince Philip with her during funeral


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The Queen kept a piece of Prince Philip with her during his funeral on Saturday.

According to a royal insider who spoke to the Dailymail.co.uk the Queen kept some memorable items with her in her bag during the solemn ceremony to remember her husband.

The royal insider said that she carried the late Duke of Edinburgh’s white handkerchief as well as a statement accessory and a photograph of the couple which was believed to be taken during their time residing in Malta.

Furthermore, a royal expert recently came forward to analyze the Queen’s grief and current emotional state, all while maintaining a British stiff upper lip.

In a piece for The Daily Mail, royal author Richard Kay touched upon the monarch’s lonely grief and admitted, “It would not be difficult to overlook the Queen’s anguish.”

He even went on to say, “To deceive oneself into believing the sovereign impregnable to the wounding arrows of common emotion.”

“But she was also a wife. Philip was her adviser, supporter and the one who made her laugh. One can only try to imagine the depth of her loneliness.”

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