Prince William refuses to ‘be mucked around’ by Prince Harry


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Prince William refuses to ‘be mucked around’ by Prince Harry

Prince William has reportedly warned Prince Harry of the implications of “mucking” his image around, especially being a heir to the British throne.

This observation was brought forward by Lady Colin Campbel and during her conversation with talkRADIO host Patrick Christys she claimed , “I think [separation] sends a message that Prince William will not be mucked around. He will not allow sentiments to divert him from his duty to the British people and to the British crown.”

“He is not giving Harry a free pass just because they are sharing a family sadness. I am behind Prince William 100 percent on this. I think it would be inappropriate to pretend that everything is well in the Garden of Eden.”

“Everything isn’t well. It’s very good that he is actually making a stand. Prince William has mettle, he is not going to allow anyone to muck him around, or muck the crown around. He shouldn’t pretend, he should be giving the message that Harry’s recent behaviour won’t be tolerated by him.”

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