Prince Philip golden advice for Prince William, Harry unearthed: ‘Stop obsessing’


The final piece of advice Prince Philip wanted to leave young royals like Prince William and Prince Harry has finally been revealed.

This claim was brought forward by royal expert Nick Bullen and during his interview with Fox News he touched upon one of his meetings with the late Prince Philip and the golden advice he had for younger royals like Prince William and Prince Harry.

Mr. Bullen was quoted saying, “I made a program with the duke for his 90th birthday. He talked a lot about just getting on with things. Stop obsessing with trying to enjoy things. Stop obsessing over the emotion of a situation. Just do it, just get on with it. That’s what he said multiple times.”

“A lot of young people, not just the young royals, could learn from the Duke of Edinburgh. He described how it was important to stop worrying about what others thought of you and just do it. Just get on with it.”

“Get on with the job. You know the Nike phrase, ‘Just do it?’ I think that was a mantra you could apply to Prince Philip’s life very easily.”

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