Prince Edward on tensions between Sussexes and royal family: ‘It’s really sad’


Prince Edward also opined about the recent feud over Meghan and Harry’s daughter name

Prince Edward opened up about the unfortunate rift that occurred between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle following their exit from the royal family. 

The Earl of Wessex also opined about the recent feud that happened after Meghan and Harry named their daughter Lilibet. 

In an interview to BBC, Edward said, “Well, we just wish them all happiness. That’s fantastic news and absolutely, I hope they’re very happy.”

“Of course, you know. I mean it’s . . . there are all sorts of issues and circumstances there. We’ve all been there. I stay way out of it. It’s much the safest place to be,” he added.

“We’ve all had that same spotlight shone on our lives,” Edward continued. “We’ve been subjected to massive intrusion and all the rest of it. We all deal with it in different ways.”

Earlier, the Queen’s youngest son told CNN his thoughts on Harry and Meghan’s exit from the royal family.

“It’s difficult for everyone but that’s families for you,” he said. Expressing understanding of Harry and Meghan’s predicament, he continued, “We wish them the very best of luck. It’s a really hard decision.”

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