Prime Minister Imran links regional peace to successful Afghan-led peace process

Confirms Pakistan’s support for Afghans on their path to peace and development.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Saturday that the successful completion of the Afghan-led and owned peace process was essential for Afghanistan and for peace in the region

In a Facebook post, the Prime Minister reaffirmed Pakistan’s support for the Afghans on the path to peace and development.

On Friday, the prime minister hailed the start of the long-awaited intra-Afghan dialogue, urging all parties to “seize this historic opportunity” to end the protracted military conflict.

“I warmly welcome the announcement of the start of intra-Afghan talks on September 12, 2020. Finally, our joint efforts have resulted in the day the Afghan people have been waiting for,” he said.

He noted that for more than 40 years, Afghans have suffered from relentless conflict and bloodshed. Pakistan has suffered the consequences of terrorist attacks, invaluable lives and enormous economic costs.

“I stressed for a long time that the conflict in Afghanistan has no military solution and that the only way forward is a political settlement through negotiation”, added the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister noted that Pakistan has played a key role in facilitating the Afghan peace process at this stage through unremitting efforts. “Today, we are deeply satisfied that we have fulfilled our share of the responsibility.”

The Prime Minister called on all parties involved in Afghanistan to take full advantage of the opportunity to end the war in Afghanistan.

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