‘Pawri Ho Rai Hai’ is now a religious song, “Kuch Zyada Hi Ho Gya Hai”

Pawri ho rahi hai - daily updates
Pawri ho rahi hai - daily updates

The buzz of the ‘Pawri Ho Rai Hai’ meme has subsided for the first time with ridiculously updated versions and a flood of jokes on the internet, but people are reviving it in the form of birthdays, marriages, stadium, offices, streets and use medium as they want.

This 4-second video broke the historical record with endless memes and entertaining jokes from the people of many countries.

Pawri Ho Rai Hai songs are real, and the jokes may be too real, because religious songs, in reality, may a whole KALAAM.

Of course, people are a little offended by Pawri’s religious song and mostly peoples used to say that “Kuch Zyada hi ho gya hai”

‘Yeh humaray friends hain, Yeh hum hain aur yeh humari “ibadat” ho rai hai’

Peoples on Social Media have their own perspectives to understand things. Many peoples criticize this song and many of them appreciate this song and relate him from Ramadan.

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Of course, some people were inspired by this

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People commented and criticized the KALAAM

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Peoples divided in different thoughts about this newly released song. Whats your opinion tell us in comments….

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