My Old College Wallet Is Overdue For an Upgrade, So I Found Stylish New Options

I’m not going to lie, my wallet has seen better days. After years of overstuffing it with too many cards and coins, it’s well overdue for an upgrade. As my style has developed and matured over time, I’ve been putting more strategic thought into my purchases with the goal of buying less and investing in quality items that I’ll love for years to come. Rather than a quick fix impulse purchase to check a box on something I need, I’ve been trying to buy with intent and make my shopping habits more sustainable (for both the planet and my bank account). 

With that strategy and goal in mind, I perused through tons of wallet options and saved the styles that truly stood out to me. Not only are these stylish and practical, but they also feel like timeless pieces I’ll want to use forever. Below are the 20 cute wallets I’m weighing to replace my old one—and I feel like you’ll agree all of them would be a safe purchase. 

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