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9 Protein-Packed, Plant-Based Meat Alternatives That Are Great for Grilling (RDs Agree)

[ad_1] Winter has passed, fool’s spring is fooling us no longer, and the summer solstice is well within reach. And with all that warm weather and sunshine, we, as reasonable human beings, are forcibly drawn to outdoor options for cooking—which can really only mean the grill. But for vegetarians, vegans, or those interested in eating […]

This Serum Shortened my Skincare Routine to Just 3 Steps | Well+Good

[ad_1] Welcome to the Well+Good SHOP. Our editors put their years of know-how to work in order to pick products (from skin care to self care and beyond) they’re betting you’ll love. Even better? In articles marked with the Well+Good SHOP logo—like this one—you’re able to add to cart without ever leaving Well+Good. Happy shopping! […]

The 9 Best Positions For Mind-Blowing Oral Sex (Beyond Just 69)

[ad_1] Oral sex is the act of using the mouth, lips, or tongue to stimulate a partner’s genitals. Cunnilingus, anilingus, and fellatio are all types of oral sex, referring respectively to the stimulation of a vagina or clitoris, anus, or penis via licking or sucking.  Regardless of your genital anatomy, feminist counselor and psychotherapist Ashley […]

From Skittles Nails to Glowy Everything, These Are the Summer Beauty Looks You’re About To See Everywhere

[ad_1] If you’ve found yourself wanting to yell some variety of “I am so excited for summer!!” at any person who will listen, then good news: These summer beauty looks say the same thing… just a tad more subtly. Because yes, this season we’re officially going all out on good vibes—and our skin, nails, and […]

Is Love In The Air, Or Is It Your Pink Aura? Here’s The Scoop On This Soul Shade

[ad_1] Maybe apart from green auras, no aura color is more associated with love than pink. “When people have a lot of pink in their aura, they generally tend to just really love love,” Merrick says. They find love and relationships very enjoyable, and they’re natural romantics. Plus, as mentioned, pink is literally associated with […]

This Is The Do-It-All Ingredient To Help Your Skin Look Clear As Day

[ad_1] “Green tea is safe, soothing, and well tolerated by even the most sensitive skin types,” says Bailey. “It is my top choice for an antioxidant-rich botanical to add to a skin care routine.”  Skin reactions, more often than not, typically stem from other irritating ingredients in the formula. In market products, it could be […]

Why You Should Focus On Oxidative Stress In Your 40s

[ad_1] You’ve likely heard it once or twice before: To temper oxidative stress, you’ll want to get your fill of antioxidants—these stabilize free radicals or render them harmless by breaking them down; research shows they stop up to 99% of free radicals from damaging our cells.  The best way to boost your body’s natural levels […]

5 Ways To Support Your Gut Health This Summer, From Functional Medicine Experts

[ad_1] Being out of touch with nature is one major factor that messes with gut health. “As we narrow our contact with nature, animals, and other humans, we get a more narrow microbiome,” triple-board-certified physician and gut health expert Zach Bush, M.D., tells mbg. To remedy this, prioritize spending more time outdoors—go on a hike […]

3 Ways To Feel More Beautiful Without A Single Beauty Product

[ad_1] It’s not often you have a conversation with someone that stays with you days or weeks after the fact. But that’s how I felt about this most recent episode of Clean Beauty School. In it, I interviewed one of the buzziest beauty writers of our day, and several points that were made throughout our […]

The One Question Everyone Has About Probiotics, That We Don’t Talk About Enough

[ad_1] Think of probiotics like little helpers in your digestive tract that work to maintain harmony in your gut ecosystem,* says Vincent Pedre, M.D., a board-certified internist and gut health expert. Adequate numbers of good bugs in the gut, “outnumber and antagonize unwelcome pathogens, including unfavorable bacteria, yeast, and parasites.” In other words, probiotics—which are […]

Is Seltzer Water Bad for You if You Drink it at Night?

[ad_1] If you have a pulse in 2021, odds are good that you drink some form of sparkling water on the regular. It’s addictive—science even says so! And while seltzer can be oh-so-satisfying to swallow at anytime of day, it’s an especially tasty chaser for, say, alcoholic beverages consumed with dinner (as a last-ditch effort […]