Kate Middleton enjoys fun-filled chat with a fellow mom photographer


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Prince William’s wife  Kate Middleton had a giggle about their three kids during her fun-filled chat with a fellow shutterbug mom who submitted a sweet photo to her Hold Still project.

The Duchess of Cambridge, who has  craze to capture  scenes in her camera –  continued her series of videos documenting her phone calls last year with participants in her Hold Still photography project, which asked the citizens of UK to capture scenes amid the ongoing health crisis.

In a video released Thursday, the mom-of-three spoke with Ceri A Edwards about the touching photo she took of her daughter Poppy hugging her father Mark, who worked as a paramedic throughout the pandemic.

To a question, Ceri said that she’s  not a photographer:”No. Well, Mark would say otherwise just because I do take a lot of pictures of the family.”

The royal  laughed and revealed  that her kids sometimes ask their mom to put the camera down. “It’s like me,” the royal said. “Everyone’s like, ‘Mummy, please stop taking photographs!”

Ceri agreed  and added:  “Absolutely. But I love it, and I love looking back.”

Prince Harry’s sister-in-laws Kate Middleton is often behind birthday portraits of her children and other family moments. 

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