Justice League: Bella Thorne says her brother is a ‘day one Snyder fan’


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Bella Throne on Tuesday revealed that her brother is a “day one” fan of Hollywood director Zack Snyder.

Her tweet came days after the Justice League’s Snyder Cut took the world by storm as it was released by a streaming service.

The actress who recently got engaged to an Italian singer shared an old screenshot of a US publication Variety’s tweet which contained a news about the Snyder Cut.

“Warner Bros. currently has no plans to #ReleaseTheSnyderCut of #JusticeLeague either in theaters or on HBO Max” “That’s pipe dream. There’s no way it’s ever happening,” read the tweet.

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 Bella Throne shared the screenshot of the tweet with a caption that said, “Once upon a time.” She added, “My brother is a day one Snyder fan”.

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