Jennifer Garner says not considering to get married again


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American actress Jennifer Garner has her own way of being creative as she has displayed her originality while spending her time with family during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 48-year-old actress lives with her three children – Violet, 15, Seraphina, 12, and Sam, 9 – from her former husband Ben Affleck.

She has recently given an interview to the People for magazine’s cover story this week and has shed some light on her enriching experience of exclusive time at home in Los Angeles.

This is the time when she discovered her forte of “creating adventures when there are none.”

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“Like we started shooting silly videos, which they got tired of before I did because I love the end result and having them forever. They started saying, ‘Yeah, Mom. No.’ “

Going for different-themed restaurant nights, the family filled the daily household routine with some spice. “First I was the American hostess and then I was the French waiter,” Garner said recalling the days.

“And I kept changing clothes like Mrs. Doubtfire. We did a beach shack and a deli in New York. We did one roller-rink restaurant where the kids were in the car and I bought the little trays that hooked onto the windows and made burgers. You just want to have a night of fun every now and then.”

Jennifer Garner gets all the fun ideas from her circle of mom friends. “If a mom friend says she’s tried something and it worked, I try it,” she told the magazine. “All the time. And I really do. That’s what a mom network does for each other, right? We really do raise kids in the community, not in a vacuum.”

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During her exclusive time at home, Garner came to know a little bit about herself. “I’ve learned that I’m pretty sturdy,” she adds. “I’m okay when I’m in the house by myself. I’m okay when it’s just the kids and me. I’m okay when they fall apart. I mean I have my moments, but pretty much, I’m really okay.”

The actress also revealed that she has learnt the multi-tasking skill while balancing her acting career with her work for Save the Children as well as helming her cold-pressed organic foods company, Once Upon a Farm.

“Like today, I saw an email from Once Upon a Farm’s sales director… I emailed her back, ‘Can we talk on the phone later? Because I need you to explain what this means,’ ” she says. “To me, it feels good to be learning something new. I learned this with Save the Children. Even if you feel stupid, and you’re asking the same questions over and over. It feels good to be challenging myself.”

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The actress is very quick while replying to online commenters about having more children with a single-liner: “Yes, the shop is closed, there are no babies.”

Garner also ruled out she is considering any idea to get married again, saying, “I don’t know. I’m so far from it. And I don’t know that marriage would need to be a part… I mean I definitely don’t think that I’ll be single forever.”

“But this is not the time. I don’t need to complicate it; I’m good.”

Jennifer Garner’s new family comedy Yes Day is now streaming on Netflix. 

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