Indian troops fired warning shots in the border dispute: China

Both sides have observed a long-standing protocol to prevent the use of firearms on sensitive altitude borders.

The statement did not make clear what those measures were or whether Chinese troops also fired warning shots.

Both sides have observed a long-standing protocol to prevent the use of firearms along the sensitive high-altitude border that runs through the western Himalayas, although this agreement has avoided casualties.

Twenty Indian soldiers were killed in hand-to-hand combat with Chinese soldiers, an incident that prompted China and India to deploy additional forces along the border.

Indian troops violated a bilateral agreement

We request the Indian side to immediately stop the dangerous actions … and strictly investigate and punish the person who shot to ensure that similar incidents are not repeated,” Zhang said in the statement.

The Indian embassy in Beijing did not immediately respond to a Reuters request for comment outside of business hours.

The latest incident comes after India and China agreed on Saturday to work to reduce tensions along their disputed border, following a meeting of the defense ministers of the nuclear-armed Asian giants.

Both sides deployed additional forces along the border through the western Himalayas after a clash in June. Both countries agreed that “neither side should take any other action that may complicate the situation or aggravate the problems in the border areas,” the Indian Defense Ministry said in a statement.

China called on India to strengthen control of its front-line forces, refrain from provocative actions and “refrain from deliberate exaggeration and spreading negative information.”

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