I'll Be Wearing This Season's Trend for 93 Days Straight

On Lauren: Reformation Louisiana Top ($128)

When I find something I like, I kind of become obsessed with it. This mainly happens with food, but on the rare occasion that I find a trend versatile enough to wear multiple times without feeling like I’m constantly repeating outfits, you can guarantee I’m about to buy the lot. There’s a cute summer-top trend going around, and—you guessed it—I’ve high-key fallen in love with it. The trend I speak of is puff-sleeve tops, and they’re the outfit pick-me-up you didn’t even know you needed.

This particular top style looks great with everything from jeans to midi skirts and back again, which is exactly why I will be wearing this trend for all 93 days of summer. Okay, maybe not all 93 days, but I’m considering it my official go-to cute top until the season’s end. The fun thing about these puff-sleeve tops is that they come in many different variations, meaning there is one out there for everyone. Above (hi, it’s me) is a photo of me wearing a smocked, cropped version.

I went ahead and shopped out my favorite iterations of the trend so you can start crushing on the adorable top right now. All you need is one of the below tops, your favorite jeans, and some strappy sandals, and you’ll have yourself the most Instagrammable outfit to date. Happy shopping!

cute tops 258993 1623300906997 |
Everything about this silhouette is perfection.

cute tops 258993 1623301612692 |
Puff sleeves and gingham prints are a match made in heaven.

cute tops 258993 1623300982173 |

cute tops 258993 1623302558618 |
How pretty is this print, though?

cute tops 258993 1623301460314 |
Simple yet striking.

cute tops 258993 1623343203569 |
Add a little creative color to your ensemble.

cute tops 258993 1623302637077 |
We’d like to copy this look ASAP.

cute tops 258993 1623302012653 |
Perfect for day and night.

cute tops 258993 1623301261955 |
Vacation ready.

cute tops 258993 1623301551541 |
So good for the price.

cute tops 258993 1623301059381 |
The ruching detail on this is so good.

cute tops 258993 1623303114289 |
Snap this up while it’s on sale.

cute tops 258993 1623301955056 |
Your top for dinner and drinks, found.

cute tops 258993 1623301499217 |
The delicate tie-front details are so charming.

cute tops 258993 1623301298992 |
Make a statement in a unique silhouette.

cute tops 258993 1623301762001 |
For picnics in the park.

cute tops 258993 1623301534545 |
Style with your high-waisted skirts, shorts, or jeans.

cute tops 258993 1623302270178 |
The buttons add a cute touch.

cute tops 258993 1623302543778 |
Such a romantic top.

cute tops 258993 1623303009107 |
This one is incredibly versatile.

cute tops 258993 1623343122086 |
The fitted bustier gives this a super-flattering shape.

cute tops 258993 1623302761325 |
This could pass for vintage.

cute tops 258993 1623302969987 |
Guaranteed you’ll be reaching for this on repeat.

cute tops 258993 1623302310148 |
The perfect top to throw on with jeans and sandals.

cute tops 258993 1623301597653 |
Another winner from H&M.

cute tops 258993 1623302686675 |
Seriously, what’s one more white top?

cute tops 258993 1623302293147 |
A dreamy hue.

cute tops 258993 1623301281926 |
This sweetheart neckline is swoon-worthy.

cute tops 258993 1623301099843 |
We’ll never say no to a little extra puff.

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