I Miss Fun Shoes, so This Is the Summer Trend I’m Buying First

Recently, my shoe wardrobe has mostly revolved around practical styles ranging from cozy house shoes to my standby sneakers to low kitten heels in black that go with pretty much everything in my closet. I really love all of these styles and can’t imagine parting ways with them, but I’ve been craving a little bit more fun in my wardrobe. So when I spotted the colorful shoe trend that’s gaining traction among fashion insiders, I was instantly hooked on the idea of adding a pair to my cart.

Colorful shoes are popping up in practically every shoe category, so whether you’re in the market for some super-high revenge heels or want to test-drive the flatform-sandal trend in a vibrant shade, I guarantee you’ll find a silhouette that will work for you. When shopping for a pair, you really only need to look for one of the standout shades of the season. I’m particularly drawn to hues like bubblegum pink, bold orange, and pistachio green. Go on to shop the coolest colorful shoes to wear for the season ahead.

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