I Broke My #1 Shopping Rule for These 23 Fantastic New Arrivals

Given the fact that online shopping is part of my job description, I had to form a strategy to save my wallet from complete and total despair. Can you imagine if I actually bought everything that I included in my stories? For all of you loyal readers and persistent scrollers out there, you know that would be a whole lot of items. 

So here’s the number one shopping rule that I live by: I add everything I’m interested in buying to a secret Pinterest board and wait at least a full day before pulling the trigger. Then, when I go back to scan my board with my credit card at the ready, I can see every item together visually—comparing and contrasting everything—which allows me to whittle my selection down to only the items I love the most. I’m a very visual person, so it helps to have the sneakers I want from Nordstrom right next to the top I want from H&M so I can decide what I really need to have at that moment and what can wait or get nixed. 

That said, if something is cute enough, I’ll break my shopping rule and buy it on the spot. It doesn’t happen often, but these items below are just that good.

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