Filmmaker reveals name of ‘Aquaman 2’


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Filmmaker   James Wan has unveiled the name of his upcoming film “Aquaman 2”.

As the film entered production, Wan said that  the new film would be titled  “The Lost Kingdom”.  

The film features  “Game of Thrones” star Jason Momoa as Aquman  while Amber Heard returns as Mera.

“The Lost Kingdom “is a sequel to original “Aquaman” which released in 2018.

Meanwhile, Amber Heard is promoting her new film “Gully” which  released recently in select theaters on streaming services.

The actress has been accused of destroying the  career of her former Husband Johnny Depp after the couple got involved in a legal battle after their divorce.

Amber  was trolled by millions of Depp’s fans on Twitter and Instagram where the actress often shares her videos and pictures while allowing only family and friends to comments.

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