Disney World’s enjoyable experience is mosquito-free, reveals TikToker


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Imagine that you are on a recreational trip and your pleasure ride is messed up with persistent nuisance by mosquitoes.  But, Walt Disney World Resort, commonly known as Disney World, has taken pains to make widescale arrangements offering mosquito-free pleasurable experience to the guests at its compound. 

This Disney World feature has been brought to the limelight by a TikToker recently. He reveals that there are no mosquitoes at the recreational campus of Disney World despite being located in “the middle of a Florida swamp.”

TikToker  Michael McBride has said this in a recent video that went viral over social media with over 1.5 million views.

Michael McBride can be reached at his handle @ideasoup on the social media app. He enjoys a growing fanbase of 756,000 followers.

“There are no mosquitoes at Disney World, even though it’s in the middle of the Florida swamps,” McBride captioned the video. 

“Disney doesn’t want anything to damage a guest’s experience, so they have a ‘Mosquito Surveillance Program.’”

Disney World is quite particular about giving a seamless fun experience to visitors that is why the management has put in place the Mosquito Surveillance Program, which is “one of the best in the world,” according to  Michael McBride.

“We have an extensive mosquito prevention and monitoring program across the property,” says Walt Disney World on its FAQ page on its website.

“They spray 86 miles with insecticide twice a day,” McBride noted. “They even have ‘sentinel chickens,’ whose blood they test for mosquito-borne illnesses.”

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