Coronavirus reveals another complex damage to the body” Experts Says

Coronavirus reveals another complex damage to the body - Daily updates

“Coronavirus reveals another complex damage to the body” Experts Says

Coronavirus can cause many life-threatening complications, such as lung damage, kidney and heart problems, stroke, and others, but it is now known that patients can develop diabetes as a result.

In fact, coronavirus patients are more likely to develop diabetes as a result of insulin deficiency.

It happened in the case of a 19-year-old German man who showed no signs of COVIDD 19 but was hospitalized with diabetes due to a lack of insulin production.

The young man developed code 19 symptoms in his parents five to seven weeks before he developed diabetes.

This was followed by a complete family test in which both parents and teens tested positive for COVID19 antibodies, indicating that they were all infected with the coronavirus. However, the young man never showed any signs of illness.

But when the young man was admitted to the hospital, he had lost more than 5 kg in a few weeks, was urinating more, and had pain on the left side of his body. Her blood sugar level was 550 mg per liter while in a healthy person it is 140 mg daily.

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Doctors suspect the young man has type 1 diabetes and it has been confirmed, but it was not a genetic type of the disease commonly found in patients with type 1 diabetes, but a genetic type. Which is rarely associated with this type of diabetes.

The young man also did not have antibodies that are usually present in patients with type 1 diabetes at the time of diagnosis.

The discovery surprised experts because they did not know if it was type 1 or type 2 diabetes or brand new.

The question before them was if it does not type 1 diabetes, will it suddenly go away on its own?

He was not even sure that the young man had diabetes because of COVID 19, it is possible that he had it before but he was not diagnosed.

But then Schleswig-Holstein, a researcher at the German University’s Medical Center, thought that the possible explanation was that the young man had developed diabetes with a sudden onset of COVID 19.

According to research published in the medical journal Nature Metabolism, the number of receptors called S2 in beta cells in the pancreas is very high. These are the same receptors that are thought to infect and infect cells.

The pancreatic beta cells make insulin, a hormone that helps the body use sugar from the diet to fuel the body’s cells. The researchers suggested that the coronavirus could also damage pancreatic cells.

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