Are You Not A Very Sexual Person? You Might Resonate With This Term

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Sex is often considered an important part of most romantic relationships. However, when it comes to someone who is graysexual, that may not always be the case. Of course, this depends on the individual and their own personal experience with sexual feelings and attraction. The most important thing, according to Hodder-Shipp, is that all partners involved [are] prepared to have ongoing open and honest communication about each other’s needs and boundaries, as with any sexual or romantic relationship.

“For some graysexual folks, sex may be a rare occurrence in their relationship and simply isn’t prioritized as, say, expressions of love and affection would be. For others, sex might be a part of their relationship, but for the graysexual partner, their motivation may not be sexual attraction so much as desire to strengthen their romantic connection or enjoy the physical touch involved,” Hodder-Shipp explains. 

They add, “As with any relationship dynamic, the presence or frequency of sex is not what defines a relationship as ‘healthy,’ and sex cannot be ‘owed’ to a partner as though it’s a five-dollar bill. However someone feels about sex or experiences sexual attraction is valid and true for them, no matter what anyone else says.”

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