Anger among the showbiz personalities of the woman’s ‘gang rape’ on the motorway

Two days ago, a woman was waiting for help when her car broke down near Gujjarpura on her way to Gujranwala from Lahore, the capital of Punjab.

The woman was raped by “robbers” as she waited in her car for help, including children. The woman’s car was stopped for unknown reasons and she also informed her relatives in Gujranwala.

However, before the helpers could be found, two armed men saw the woman alone and took her to a nearby field with their children at gunpoint and gang-raped her there.

Anger was expressed across the country after the incident and the government was also arrested on social media and demanded that the accused be arrested and hanged in public.

While there is outrage among political, social and government figures over the rape of the woman, showbiz personalities also expressed regret over the incident and demanded immediate arrest of the accused and hanging of them in public.

After the rape incident, trends like ‘Motorway incident, motorway rape incident, hang the accused in public and a true man does not rape’ also came to the top on social media.

Most of the showbiz personalities demanded the public execution of the accused who gang-raped a woman on the motorway.

Actress Armina Khan, while sharing the news of the incident, tweeted that the accused broke the car window on the motorway and took out the woman waiting for help when the petrol ran out and took her to the fields and raped her in front of the children.

The actress wrote that the news is enough to grieve every woman in the country, including her.

Singer Asim Azhar in his tweet demanded that the rapists be hanged in public.

Actress Mahesh Hayat in her tweet asked how women in Singapore leave home even at 4 o’clock at night? “Why can’t women in our country have the same feeling?” She asked.

“Do we live in a democracy or in a jungle?” He asked. He also demanded public execution of the accused who targeted a woman on the motorway.

Former cricketer Wasim Akram’s wife Shanira Akram also wrote on the incident using the hashtag ‘real man does not rape’ that real man does not rape women but he protects women, respects them, he would be kind Yes, he is trustworthy and supportive.

In another tweet, she explained that the real men are only calling their husbands, fathers and brothers, not the beasts who desecrate women.

Senior actor Ijaz Aslam also expressed regret over the incident and demanded that the accused be hanged in public to set an example.

Hamza Ali Abbasi lamented the rising incidence of rape and violence in the country and wrote in his tweet that humanity is dying and getting sick and he does not know what is the cure for it, but he must know that a One day everyone will have to give an account of his deeds and one day there will be justice.

Actress Veena Malik also expressed regret over the incident and expressed surprise at the thinking of those who are opposed to the public execution of rape accused.

At the same time, the actress wrote to Prime Minister Imran Khan that the nation was looking at him and the people would support him in making such a decision.

Actress Sanam Baloch also demanded the public execution of the accused in her tweet.

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