A Protein-Packed Strawberry Shake Perfect For Warmer Weather


At the first glimpse of a warm weekend, I prematurely trade in my coats for sundresses. Ignoring the cooler temperatures which are still a reality in early spring, I quickly and shamelessly adopt a summer mindset. By the looks of her nostalgic strawberry shake, it seems like personal trainer and holistic nutrition consultant BB Arrington, CPT, does the same. 

The spring (or summer) protein shake helps Arrington stay nourished and energized, without feeling weighed down. “While I’m a huge fan of eating whole foods, this protein shake is about the only thing I can stomach between workouts,” she writes. 

Along with protein powder, the sustenance in the shake comes primarily from cashews. If you prefer to swap in almonds, walnuts, macadamia nuts, or your favorite nut butter, go for it. Just “please don’t forget the fat,” Arrington urges. This hearty nutrient is the drink’s main energy-enhancer. 

The flavor reminiscent of warm weather and the creamy texture come from frozen strawberries, which, when paired with raw coconut water, make the beverage super hydrating. 

“The last ingredient is the pièce de résistance—oh, and it’s a bit of a low-waste kitchen hack, too,” she says. Adding in half of a lemon peel (pith included), enhances the fruity zing while also providing phytonutrients, along with antioxidative and anti-inflammatory flavonoids.

“So next time you squeeze some lemon on your fish or whatever, keep the peel and save it in your fridge or freezer for your smoothie,” Arrington suggests.

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