8 Core Beauty Truths We Believe In About Clean & Conscious Beauty

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Having high standards for products comes from putting in the work: Trying formulas, doing the research, decoding the ingredient lists, talking with experts, talking with people who interact with beauty in a real way, and thinking about the “why” behind it all. There are no shortcuts to high standards. High standards are also not a destination: It’s an ongoing process that evolves as innovations do. 

To do this, we stay up to date on research about the latest in ingredients: We want to offer and suggest products that are high-quality, effective, and safe—and that means knowing what the latest intel says. The data, innovations, and trends are always changing, and it’s important we know what’s happening so we can make informed recommendations. 

We also understand that seals and certifications can offer insights into a product’s quality, but it won’t always inform the whole picture. While we believe that third-party verification can be useful for some brands and websites, we don’t believe that it’s the be-all and end-all. Ultimately, we value brands that provide thoughtful, science-backed, honest messaging about their products—whether or not it comes with a certification. 

Finally, our standards aren’t influenced by passing trends, monetary pressure, or outside incentives: What we write and recommend in our editorial content has been selected and vetted by our editors.

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