7 Affordable Blenders To Mix Up More Than Just Smoothies | Well+Good


Mullen loves the convenience of this blender, especially for whipping up smoothies. “They can be blended directly in the carafe, and the carafe has a portable lid for easy on-the-go smoothies,” he says. “And when you’re done, the whole shebang goes right into the dishwasher.”

Mullen also loves making homemade aioli in this blender by mixing up a clove of garlic, an egg, extra-virgin olive oil, a squeeze of lemon, and some herbs, and/or making creamy vinaigrettes using a clove of garlic, white balsamic, a teaspoon of Dijon, some extra-virgin olive oil, salt, pepper and spice. “[To the latter], add in an anchovy and some parmesan and you have the base for a great Caesar salad in seconds,” he says.

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