5 Skincare Routine Additions I Can’t Live Without Now That I’m in My 30s

In my teenage years, I was pretty blessed skin-wise. Aside from the occasional breakout, my skin was generally clear and bright. The only consistent step in my routine was step one—wash face. And if I’m being honest, sometimes I didn’t even do that! (Don’t judge young me.) Then college happened, and I experienced my first bout of acne, along with some other unexpected skin changes that caught me totally off guard. Suddenly, my skin was more reactive to changing weather, I started to see under-eye bags, and was even afflicted with some hyperpigmentation. For the first time, I had to figure out an actual skincare routine that worked for me.

Things leveled out for a while, but just when I thought I’d gotten things totally figured out, my late twenties hit, and, again, my skin changed. Seemingly overnight, it was dryer, I was seeing the formation of fine lines, and my skin was just dull. Thankfully, I knew the drill this time around and since then, I’ve nailed down a skincare routine that’s kept my skin clear and glowy as I’ve crossed over into my 30s. I’m laying it all out ahead, so keep scrolling for some of the best products to try in your 30s.

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